Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, next to water. But while water serves a basic need to quench thirst, we at Tea Drift believe tea serves a refined need to fuel the soul and mind. 

Tea Drift’s reputation is built on only the finest leaves from a single sourced tea tree estate. We are extremely selective when choosing the types and grades of tea to include in our product line.

Tea, unlike most other beverages, not only comes with amazing aroma and flavor, it is endowed with countless health benefits and lauded by researchers as a wonder tonic worthy of its esteemed position in the wellness community. Tea Drift is very attune to this fact and will not settle for anything less than the highest quality tea. 

We are also very aware that a memorable tea experience for the consumer begins not with the first sip, but with the first look. With that in mind, Tea Drift comes in sleek, high quality and durable packaging that makes the start of the tea experience as pleasing to the eye and touch, as the tea itself is to the palate.

Tea Drift’s mission is simple and pure, the mission is in our name.

With each sip, our tea lovers will drift farther from the stresses of their world, and closer to their sanctuary. 

Help your guest experience the zen of Tea Drift.