Need to Wake Up?

By Amanda Wynant, Staff Writer

To wake up, you could always drink a stiff cup of coffee in the morning. It's good for a jolt when you need one. But that burst of energy we get from coffee won't last long. That's where tea is far superior.

Any true tea (green, black, white, oolong) contains tannins. Tannins are polyphenols found in many foods and drinks that we source from plants. The many tannins found in tea help your body to process the caffeine, from the tea, slowly - which leads to sustained energy. Coffee has tannins too - but only about half as much as tea. Leaving your body full of caffeine to use immediately - rather than steadily absorbed and dispersed for hours after ingestion.

At Tea Drift, we have an excellent black tea blend to help you jump into your day. Good Morning Energy  is an inventive mix of the highest quality, full leaf black tea, lavender flowers, rose petals, bergamot and rosemary. This tea will not only provide an ample amount of caffeine to help you lift your eyelids - but the aroma and flavors in it will wake up all your senses too. And your day will begin beautifully.

Another fantastic tea we carry is Mate Chai EnergizerIt's a really nice blend of yerba mate', cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla. Yerba mate' is a root that's been used as a base for medicines and natural health care for centuries. It also happens to be super tasty! And though our yerba mate blend is nice and strong, like coffee. It isn't acid forming. The Mate Chai Energizer will take you from 'barely awake' to 'ready to rock & roll' in no time. Our delicious Yerba Mate is extremely high quality. It contains caffeine, theobromine and theophylline - all natural stimulants that will steadily carry you through those first hours of the morning. 

And in addition to our Fast & Free shipping - when you buy one of our tea blends, there's no risk. If it doesn't absolutely thrill you, please contact us and we'll guide you through our easy-peasy return procedure. 

So dump out that ho-hum cup of coffee and give one of our Energy Blends a try. We know you'll love it!

Amanda Wynant
Amanda Wynant


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