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Bake It!                                                                                                                                                By Tristan Weisgal, Staff Writer

Benefits of Baking with Tea - There are mixtures that you can add into your recipes to create a new sense of spice. If you're interested in new creations with well-known herbs, then you can consider baking with tea. Similar to popular spices, these herbs allow you to add extra flavors to your recipes. More importantly, most are known for added health benefits that provide you with additional enjoyment. Understanding what herbs to mix into specific recipes is just the beginning to building some wonderful new meals.  

Adding in Spices for Health - The first consideration to make when baking with tea is what added health benefits each spice can bring you. For instance, green tea is known to assist with a faster metabolism and digestion. It also provides you with antioxidants for your health.  Chamomile Tea offers a sweeter approach to health, providing you with relaxation while removing antioxidants from your system. You will find that everything from oolong tea to black tea has similar effects to help you with balancing your system and offering extra health benefits.  

Flavoring Your Recipes by Baking with Tea - Not only will you find that the spices have an added benefit for your health, but he flavors that are available through each type of herb will boost the flavors that are in your recipes. You can use these as central staples within the recipes that you are making - all which will help you with custom creations for family and friends. If you want a stronger flavor, then you can consider roobois tea or even black tea. These are known for their well-defined flavors. If you want something sweeter, then consider mate tea or white tea. While these are defined spices, they will subtly melt into the recipes that you are cooking.  

Best Ways to Bake With Tea - The ability to bake with different herbs is reliant on how you process the different herbs. With teas, most build their taste through the heat of boiling water and the way in which this affects the water. For baking, a different process is required. Heating the herbs is important to extract flavor. When you use a brand such as Tea Drift, you will want to find a way to bake the flavor into the recipe that you are cooking. Steeping the herbs, cooking them with different spices or making a broth, are just some of the most common ways to make sure you catch the flavors of each spice.  

Whether you are interested in a new recipe that combines earl grey or want to experience more health benefits with green tea, baking with tea gives you a wide range of benefits. Baking with tea offers more enjoyment to each meal while allowing you to transfer both the herbal tastes and well-being that come from the plants. With Tea Drift, you will easily be able to add in more flavors while experimenting with new additions to any recipe.

David Chan
David Chan


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August 17, 2015

Hmmm. Never thought of baking with tea.

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