The Beauty Benefits of Tea

Beauty Benefits of Tea                                                                                                                 By Tristan Weisgal, Staff Writer

Most associate tea with an afternoon drink that is steeped for added flavor available through specialized herbs. However, tea is not limited to a tea bag and cup. You can easily add loose leaf tea or tea bags to your daily beauty regimen. Understanding the added benefits associated with face and eye masks can change your approach to beauty. There are a slew of herbs to look into, all of which allow you to keep your youthful appearance while soaking in the benefits of different teas.

Oolong Tea - The main attributes of oolong tea are able to provide you with mental alertness and assistance with the circulatory system. However, if you have rashes or eczema, then simply apply this herb for 15 - 20 minutes during your facial beauty regimens.

Rooibos Tea - Eczema, allergies, and headaches are easily solved with rooibos tea. If you're interested in relaxation and rebalancing your skin and mind, use this tea regularly to change the outcome of your body's balance.

Green Tea - This antioxidant is recognized as a super herb. Green tea offers health benefits by taking out toxins from your body. Using it as a face mask instantly releases the build-up of toxins on your skin, creating a freshly refined and youthful appearance that you won’t get with anything else!

Chamomile Tea - If you have an eye infection or other imbalances on your skin, chamomile offers a sweet and gentle release. Use chamomile tea as an eye mask to brighten your eyes and relieve imbalances.

Mate Tea - Among other internal benefits, this tea is known to release antioxidants. If you have high oxidative stress on your skin, it can lead to skin lines and early aging. By applying mate tea on your face, you will build your youthful appearances while assisting your skin in releasing nasty toxins.

Earl Grey - This is one of the most popular teas available because of its unusual flavor. The health benefits, compared to its enticing flavor are often overlooked. This tea contains both citrus additions and antioxidants from the leaves. This creates a powerful effect that removes antioxidants on your face while adding an extra glow through the citrus mixture.

White Tea and Black Tea - Similar to oolong tea, these specific herbal mixtures aid in adding balance to your body. The white tea is recognized for antioxidants and refreshing mixes to balance your skin's vitamins. Adding Black tea to your beauty regimen helps eliminate free radicals.

Keep your youthful appearances and enjoy the natural health benefits of herbal teas. Tea Drift provides options that allow you to not only use teas for an afternoon drink or hydration, but to benefit your appearance as well. Allow your skin to embrace the amazing health benefits of the different types of herbs. From eliminating ageing with powerful antioxidants to removing eczema and eye infections, there are endless mixtures that provide results to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful!

Tristan Weisgal
Tristan Weisgal


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