The Art of Making Tea with Tea Drift

The Art of Tea Making                                                                                                                               By Tristan Weisgal, Staff Writer

Tea Drift is probably the best kind of tea one can have because it comes in premium loose leaves sourced from a single tea tree estate which ensures quality and maximizes the benefits of the tea and its flavor. Tea Drift comes in many flavors and among the most popular are our Tropical Weight Loss Green tea, Relaxing Honey Chamomile tea, Acai Berry Antioxidant white tea, Chocolate Mint Stress Reliever black tea, Pomegranate Detox oolong tea, Mate Chai Energizer tea and our Calming Rose rooibos tea. Tea lover or not, you’ve had to have at least a few cups of tea in your lifetime, as it is one of the most popular drinks in the world. The perfect cup of tea will not just soothe you and give you a pleasant feeling—it will also have a lot of health and wellness benefits—even more than you can imagine!  

The Benefits of the Loose Leaves of Tea Drift

The health and wellness benefits of tea are common knowledge. Have a few cups of green tea per day to help you lose weight. Drink some chamomile tea at night so you can have a full nights rest. Prevent cardiovascular diseases and enjoy a calming feeling as you drink mate tea. All of these and a whole lot more benefits can come from tea. While there are teas that come in tea bags, many still prefer the process of brewing loose tea leaves. The process in itself is an art form and achieving the perfect cup takes time and even a bit of skill.

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea Drift

The process of making the perfect cup of tea is an art. If you do it daily, you might just become a master of tea-making, and you can even host tea parties for your friends. Whether you plan on making cups of rooibos tea, oolong tea, white tea, black tea or any other tea flavor, you can achieve the perfect taste with a very simple process. You must have your cup of course and your tea drainer or teabags so that the leaves don’t get into your drink. For every 8oz, it is recommended to use one level teaspoon of loose leaf teas to achieve a fine taste. If you want a stronger flavored tea, then you may use more tea leaves. Follow the steeping time and water temperature suggested for each individual tea so that the perfect taste can be achieved.

The art of making the perfect cup of tea however, depends greatly on your own taste. So experiment with steeping times, water temperatures, and amounts of tea until you find the way you enjoy your tea the most!  

Tristan Weisgal
Tristan Weisgal


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