Here's To Your Health! Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Tea

By Armando Cortes, Staff Writer

The foods and drinks you consume throughout the day make a difference in your overall health and wellness. If you choose foods and drinks that aren’t healthy, your body will know the difference.  However, certain foods and herbs can do wonders for your health, bringing complete balance to your body. Looking at teas for health benefits is the first step to making good choices as to what you put into your body every day. Following are the top 5 benefits of teas:

  1. Weight Loss. Did you know that drinks with green tea and oolong tea offer solutions for weight loss? These herbal drinks can speed up your metabolism and stimulate your digestive system; making it easy for the weight to fall right off. They're also filled with antioxidants to balance out your body. With 2 - 3 cups of green tea or oolong tea every day, you will find it easier to slim down and shape up. 
  1. Energy Stimulants. You can turn to herbal mixtures to find a boost of energy for your day.  Black Tea is one of the better-known teas that offers higher levels of energy to get you through your day. White Tea is also known for the extra energy it provides you after drinking it. Many have found that the herbal teas can be effective for energy as well. 
  1. Relaxation. If you have too much energy from the day and can't sleep, then sip a cup of tea to slow down your body. Chamomile Tea is known to balance out your neurological system for easier sleep. It also provides an instant way to remove infections, working as an antiseptic. The sweet and calming effects of Chamomile Tea will offer a refreshing way to calm down at the end of each day. 
  1. Circulatory and Respiratory Balance. All teas are known to assist with boosting your circulation for complete balance and can also assist with better breathing. Rooibos Tea is one of the most popular drinks that can help with this. Rooibos can help eliminate headaches, slow down asthma and combines a variety of minerals that are essential for the body. With Rooibos tea, you'll find a way to balance and relax your system. 
  1. Youth and Vitality. A well known health benefit of tea is that it can help you maintain a youthful appearance and vitality. You'll find that all teas provide you with better skin as well as antioxidants that clear free radicals and toxins from your system. A cup of mate tea each day, for instance, provides you with a way to completely change the balance in your system.  The mate tea offers antioxidants, polyphenols and amino acids, all known to keep you looking bright and young.

With a cup of Tea Drift tea each day, you will easily be able to build your health. Each tea bag holds a variety of health boosts that help you to gain balance and vitality. From helping you to keep your youthful appearance to bringing back body balance and weight loss - with Tea Drift, you can enjoy drinking to your health while embracing the taste of some of the most delicious teas on the market!

Tristan Weisgal
Tristan Weisgal


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