The Peaceful Petals of our Calming Rose Tea

Enjoy a Cup of Calm                                                                                                                             By Amanda Wynant, Staff Writer     

For many, September is one of the most hectic months of the year. Kids are back to school, parents are overloaded with meetings, school supply lists, sports sign-ups and lunch packing. Sadly, when back to school time comes, the rest of our lives don't slow down to balance things out.

That's where TeaDrift comes in. We've created a wondrous blend of calming herbs and flowers to usher you into a mindful rest, amid the chaos of life. Try our Calming Rose tea. It's made from rooibos tea, vanilla, safflower and rose. 

Rooibos (/ROY-bus/) tea comes from a plant often called Red Bush, in the roughly 100 kilometer area of South Africa where its mostly grown. It isn't a true tea. In fact, the Red Bush plant is technically a member of the legume family. After the leaves of the bush are oxidized and processed, rooibos tea is brewed much like black tea. It has a similar, full-bodied & robust flavor, like black tea but contains no caffeine. Another stellar thing about rooibos tea is that it contains polyphenols – the type that are both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

We've combined the rich rooibos tea with a delicate blend of vanilla and flowers. Rose petals give the tea a soothing, peaceful aroma and deep flavor, while the deep yellow safflower adds a soft balance to the tea.

The Calming Rose tea will lift your senses and calm your nerves. Brew a hot cup of this blend after a long day and savor the serenity. Make a whole pot so the kids can enjoy some at bedtime too.

All through the month of September, you can purchase our delicious Calming Rose tea at 25% off the regular price. Also enjoy free shipping on orders over $25. Click here to place your order today and pencil in some peace on your calendar.

Amanda Wynant
Amanda Wynant


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