Take your Recipes to Another Level with Tea

By Armando Cortes, Staff Writer

Tea is so much more than just another drink to get you through your morning routine. Cooking with tea and tea leaves will add a new twist to your recipes, that’ll make them pop! People have been cooking with tea since they started drinking it and the flavor combinations that you can create with tea will leave your dinner guests wanting seconds and thirds.

First things first, you have to understand how to use the different flavors that each type of tea offers. For example, black tea offers a strong but bitter taste, while Chamomile Tea adds a sweet and rich touch to any dish. While black tea would be great in foods that are more bland, chamomile tea makes a great addition to recipes with stronger flavors. Oolong tea and white tea are better for drinking because their subtler flavors can become overshadowed by other flavors in your recipes.

How can you add tea into your recipes? You can substitute water for brewed tea. Steeping your teas normally and adding brewed tea to your recipes in place of water for rice recipes will give your meals new and exciting flavors that you’ve never tasted before. Try our mate chai tea for an interesting spin on couscous or brown rice.

Grinding your tea leaves and using them as a spice rub on salmon will give your recipe a unique flavor palette and will leave your dinner guests wondering what your secret ingredient is.

You can even use brewed tea to marinate meats as the tannins that tea contains are natural tenderizers. Try a green tea marinade with chicken or meat to add a bright and fresh flavor to your dish.

Whether you fry, grill, bake, or roast your next meal, adding tea will give it a fresh new spin that’s both delicious and innovative. Try adding tea to snacks, meals and desserts and remember that it’s all about trying different combinations and finding the perfect mix that you’ll love to make over and over again! Bon appétit!

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Tristan Weisgal
Tristan Weisgal


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