Three No Fuss Ways to Brew Loose Tea

By Amanda Wynant, Staff Writer

Because loose leaf tea can seem like a hassle, many tea drinkers opt for prepackaged paper or nylon mesh teabags. Though teabags are super easy, quite portable and fairly cost effective - the bagged, single serving tea packs lack the flavor, potency and overall quality of loose tea. Ounce for ounce, the best cup of tea is brewed with hand selected, loose leaf teas. 

Brewing loose leaf doesn't have to be a time consuming mess either! In fact - it's simple. Here are some efficient and easy ways to prepare the perfect cup of tea:

French Press - That french press you got at the white elephant gift exchange is not only for brewing coffee. Dust it off and use it to brew a delightful pot of tea. Start with 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea per cup of water. Heat your water to near boiling and pour it over the tea. Allow the leaves to expand, steep and release their robust flavors. After a few minutes, stir the mixture and press the strainer down. Ta Da! You've got a delicious pot of tea. No hassle. No mess.  

Tea Ball - Don't get excited! This isn't the baseball wannabe game played by 4 year olds. Unlike it's sports league cousin, a tea ball is a spherical, mesh infuser with a chain or handle. The loose tea goes in the "ball" and it is lowered into near boiling water. It's allowed to steep, then removed without any leaves being left behind in the tea. A tea ball is a good choice for brewing a quick cup of tea.

TeaDrift Paper Filters - At just $1.50 for a pack of ten, our paper filters offer the brewing ease of a typical teabag. Simply put a teaspoon or two of your favorite TeaDrift blend into the filter and fold it down. Brew as you would any other teabag - allowing ample time for steeping. Squeeze gently when the tea has reached the desired strength. Our paper filters allow for the tea leaves to naturally expand and release their wonderful robust flavors. 

So give one of these simple methods a try. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to brew high quality, loose leaf tea in no time. And once you pour yourself a cup of tea made from loose leaves, you'll never want to go back to brewing from prepackaged teabags again.


Amanda Wynant
Amanda Wynant


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