Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh with Tea Drift

By Armando Cortes, Staff Writer

People have been drinking tea for hundreds of years for its abundance of health benefits, but did you know that your favorite morning beverage can do so much more for you? Tea leaves are highly absorbent. That quality helps tea leaves soak up strong odors - making them perfect for deodorizing your home. In fact, tea leaves are so good at absorbing strong scents that we recommend never keeping them too close to strong smelling spices or coffee as they will absorb the scents, and that can compromise the flavor of your tea.  

You can use fresh tea leaves or recycle your used tea leaves and get a second use out of them. What ways can you use tea leaves to deodorize your home?

Carpets - You can spread dried or steeped tea leaves on your carpet to help get rid of any smelly odors. It’s always a good idea to test a small inconspicuous area on anything that you use mildly wet tea leaves on as they may leave a stain behind. After leaving the tea leaves on your carpet for about 20 minutes you can vacuum them up and both your carpet and vacuum bag will be left with a great scent, especially if you use a tea like our Calming Rose rooibos tea which contains both vanilla and rose, or our Good Morning Energy black tea which contains lavender.

Litter boxes - Tired of smelling that stinky litter box all of the time? You can add dried tea leaves to your cat’s litter box and change them out whenever you change out the litter to keep that strong and stubborn litterbox odor away. Green teas contain catechins which are antioxidants and have antibacterial properties which make them great for combatting foul odors. Our Lemon Mint Metabolism Booster green tea contains lemongrass and peppermint, so it’s bound to leave your home smelling fresh (Bonus fun fact: tea leaves can also help deter fleas from both cats and dogs).

Kitchens - Tea leaves are also great for use in the kitchen. You can leave dried tea leaves in the fridge and they’ll act like baking soda and help absorb some of those unwanted fridge odors after a day or two. Chefs can also use wet steeped tea leaves to keep their hands from smelling like fish, garlic, or any other undesirable scents (works great on cutting boards as well). Using our Pomegranate Detox oolong tea works great and will leave a fresh scent behind.

Shoes - Last, but definitely not least is the fact that you can drop a fresh or steeped and then dried tea bag into a pair of old and stinky sneakers to help give them a second life. Mate tea is said to have both antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which makes it an excellent choice to use when trying to deodorize an old pair of your smelly shoes.

Armando Cortes
Armando Cortes


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